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Tanita Body Composition Analyzer MC-780 PMA

  • Measure the body in 5 segments, (arms, legs and torso separately)
  • Medically validated: MDD class IIa and NAWI class III
  • Accurate and reliable thanks to Tanita Multi Frequency BIA
  • Suitable for both the fitness sector and the medical sector
  • Geschikt voor het gebruik met Tanita Software
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The Tanita MC-780 is a body composition analyzer from the professional segment and focuses on use in both the fitness sector and the medical sector.

The device is equipped with an MDD-IIa and NAWI III certification, which officially classifies the device as a medical device.

In just 20 seconds you will receive a professional analysis of body composition consisting of, among other things, body weight, fat percentage, muscle mass and body fluid. In addition, the device offers convenience by calculating and explaining various health factors such as BMI, BMR, visceral fat levels and metabolic age. Thanks to the handles, the MC-780 measures the body in 5 segments: left arm, right arm, trunk, left leg and right leg. This gives you detailed insight into changes in body composition.

Difference between the Tanita MC-780 SMA and MC-780 PMA:

The ‘ S ‘ version has no housing between the monitor and the weighing platform, so that it can be set up as desired. For example, place the monitor on a table next to your laptop and the weighing platform or the floor next to it. The ‘S’ version is also suitable for transport, for example in combination with the corresponding C-780 Rolling Case from Tanita, ideal for health professionals who travel a lot!

The ‘ P ‘ version does have a housing between the monitor and the weighing platform. This ensures that you do not need an extra table or mounting for the monitor. Do you want to place the device in your gym, for example? Then the P version offers a professional and sleek solution!

Measured values:

  • Weight in Kilograms
  • Fat percentage
  • Fat mass in kilograms
  • Fat-free mass in kilograms
  • Muscle mass in Kilograms
  • Body moisture percentage
  • Body fluid in Kilograms
  • Intra cellular fluid (ICW)
  • Extra cellular fluid (ECW)
  • ECW / Total body water ratio
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Bone mass (Bone mineral)
  • Physical Valuation
  • Visceral fat value
  • Basal Metabolic Rating (BMR / Kcal)
  • Metabolic Age

Segmental measurement:

  • Body fat percentage per segment
  • Fat distribution per body segment
  • Muscle mass in kilograms of body segment
  • Muscle mass ratio per body segment
  • Muscle mass balance per body segment
  • Ratio leg muscles
  • Resistance per body segment
  • Phase angle (Phase Angle) per body segment


Extra informatie

Gewicht 22 kg
Afmetingen 36 × 36 × 116 cm

270 Kilogram


100 gram


Professioneel, Medisch

Medische validering:


Segmentale meting:



25 khz, 50 khz, 75 khz

Aantal electroden:



Externe printer koppelbaar



USB-mini, RS-232, SD-kaart

Software Koppeling:

Tanita GMON, Technogym, Evry

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